Add-ons menu does not appear

Good morning, I would like to know how to place the add-ons menu in my taiga (this menu does not appear, it is not visible), to integrate it with Slack I have version 6.7.0 of taiga community hosted on my PC. Thank you in advance.
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Hi @aescalona

Can you paste the content of the url http://localhost:9000/conf.json?

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“api”: “”,
“eventsUrl”: “ws://”,
“baseHref”: “/”,
“eventsMaxMissedHeartbeats”: 5,
“eventsHeartbeatIntervalTime”: 60000,
“eventsReconnectTryInterval”: 10000,
“debug”: false,
“debugInfo”: false,
“defaultLanguage”: “en”,
“themes”: [“taiga”],
“defaultTheme”: “taiga”,
“defaultLoginEnabled”: true,
“publicRegisterEnabled”: false,
“feedbackEnabled”: true,
“supportUrl”: “”,
“privacyPolicyUrl”: null,
“termsOfServiceUrl”: null,
“maxUploadFileSize”: null,
“contribPlugins”: ,
“gitHubClientId”: “”,
“gitLabClientId”: “”,
“gitLabUrl”: “”,
“tagManager”: { “accountId”: null },
“tribeHost”: null,
“enableAsanaImporter”: false,
“enableGithubImporter”: false,
“enableJiraImporter”: false,
“enableTrelloImporter”: false,
“gravatar”: false,
“rtlLanguages”: [“fa”]

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Here is what was requested, thank you very much.

As you can see, contribPlugins is empty so the Slack plugin is not enabled. How do you setup the plugin? As you can see in 30min setup, in docker-compose.yml:

Slack integration

Enable Slack integration in your Taiga instance. This feature is disabled by default.

Be careful with the upper and lower case in these settiings. We will use ‘True’ for > the backend and ‘true’ for the frontend (this is not a typo, otherwise it won’t work).

Add to &default-back-environment environments


Add to taiga-front service environments


Then restart the docker-compose and then the new changes will take effect.

I hope this can help

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