Data gets saved in mounted folders by Taiga, but somehow cannot be retrieved by Taiga

I’ve set up Taiga via Docker Compose on my NAS following this guide. All containers are running. I’ve waited for the initial migration scripts to finish, created a superuser and logging in works. I have mounted the volumes to local folders (db, events, gateway, media, rabbitmq and static) on my NAS, and after the initialization phase, most of them are not empty any longer (i.e. they have been populated with data by the scripts).

However, I cannot change my profile picture, create projects etc.! At first I thought that no data would be saved, but that’s not true: When I change my profule picture, for example, it does get saved in the mounted media folder (I can find it there) - but the browser console shows that Taiga cannot find the file, although it is physically there:

There is a file in said location with that exact file name, and it is the thumbnail of the profile picture I had selected earlier.

The same goes for projects: If I try to create one, the “saving process” never ends (the spinning write indicator keeps spinning forever, and if I reload the page, no project is shown.)

It seems that Taiga cannot access the data, although it has written it to disk itself. I’ve tested this with Firefox and Edge, both locally (h t t p:// and remotely (h t t p s:// [ ← As a new user, I’m not allowed to have more than two links in here, so I had to write http and https with spaces here] The docker containers are exposed via subdomain ( behind a reverse proxy (NGINX) with websockets enabled. Since it also doesn’t work locally, I think websockets / reverse proxy is not the issue here. (Besides, just to rule this out, I have set the permissions for the mounted folders to read and write for everyone.)

What might be wrong here? How can I approach a solution?

Thanks in advance to anybody taking the time to reply!

It’s hard for the Taiga team to help If you’re not using the official guide Taiga 30min Setup, have you tried reaching out to the author of this guide?

Thank you, @juanfran, for your reply. I had hoped that this problem would “ring a bell” or sound like a known problem occurring under specific circumstances; but I do understand now that it’s difficult for you to know what’s going on, given that the setup process deviates from the recommended approach.

It’s difficult to reach the guide’s author (he has a huge reader base and likely gets a lot of mails). So I guess I will try to follow the 30 mins tutorial first and, should there still be issues, try to troubleshoot from that starting point.

Thanks again for answering.