Accessing the Admin Module for a Project you didn't create?

Hello all!

Our company has just started using Taiga, and I am trying to learn more so I can set up the project as requested. We are using the web version of Taiga.

A colleague of mine created the Taiga project, however, we both need access to the Admin Module (I.e Settings) Tab on the bottom left of the project, I have been made the Product Owner, but I am still unable to view the settings tab. How do you enable to permissions to access this menu? We have messed around with permissions but I am unable to find anything related to this.

Any help is much much appreciated!


Hi there!

On the project Settings tab, go to the Members section, and there is a toggle for making someone an admin as well.

Make sure it’s toggled on for your user.

Hope this helps!

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Oh my, that easy! Haha!

We must have missed that…somehow… :woman_facepalming:

Thankyou so so much!

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