Best opensource git integration?

What is the best opensource solution to integrate with Taiga these days?

Is Gitlan Community OK ? What about Gitea or Rhodecode? Is this possible?

Hey @benoitc, welcome to the community!

Right now, Taiga supports GitLab and Gitea (Gogs). While both have support, GitHub offers more comprehensive integration.

If you want to decide for yourself which tool suits you best to integrate with Taiga, check out our documentation:

Gitea (gogs): Gogs Integration
Gitlab: Gitlab Integration

Could you please confirm if you are sure that Taiga supports Gitea as well?
The documentation clearly mention Gogs, but not Gitea.

Gogs and Gitea are not the same services, as far I know.

Thank you in advance for clarification!

@xeho91, we tested this feature a few months ago and it functioned correctly. Given that Gitea is a fork from Gogs, chances are high that it will work similarly.
Your feedback after testing it would be greatly appreciated.