I want to work with Gitlab and Taiga in a specific way - is it possible?

I don’t prefer Gitlab’s issues, issue boards, and milestones. Instead I would like to use Taiga for PM. Is there a way somehow pull code into Taiga from Gitlab that is not related to Gitlab issues, issue boards, or milestones? (I want to keep those features turned off in Gitlab).

I’m not entirely sure what this would look like or what the workflow would be but I think what I’m imagining is having code from the gitlab repository show up in Taiga issues (or other places) and it would be nice if that could be done automatically (through some sort of integration)?

Any direction on how to work that way - what a workflow like that might look like - and how to implement it would be much appreciated.

Hi @blahboybaz

currently there is a gitlab integration implemented in Taiga. Gitlab Integration At the begining of the page, the do’s and don’ts are explained. But, as I understood your explanation, displaying a piece of code inside stories/tasks/issues/… automatically is something that cannot be done currently. How could you associate a piece of code with a story/issue/task… in taiga? Maybe what you mean is to associate the code from a commit and display it in the referenced item in Taiga?

Best regards