New or changed gitlab project issues are not visible on projects

I want to automatically get issues from software repositories.
It works perfectly well with the github integration webhooks.
Issues created in gitlab projects (both public projects on as well self hosted)
are not shows in my Taiga Project. Testing the Payload URL and secret after entering these infor in my gitlab project says all is well (HTTP 204)…

Thanks a lot for your advice!

Hi @greenorca

I’ve perform a simple test to verify the Gitlab integration and it seems to works properly. I’ve used a private project in for this purpose.

I have follow the steps at Gitlab Integration, paying special attention to click on “Issues events” when configuring the webhook. ¿Could it be that your problem?

You cant verify your triggers in the Gitlab’s project page > Settings > Webhooks > your-taiga-webhook > Edit

If that doesn’t fix your problem, I recommend you to recreate the integration with a fresh-new Taiga project and re-defining a new webhook in the same project at

Thanks for your report, I hope it helps.