Cannot patch user story from api as superuser

Hi all.
I deployed Taiga in docker on my computer, created a superuser. Since there is no functionality to transfer user history between different projects, I decided to do it using API. When I try to make a PATCH request after authorizing as superuser, the endpoint returns a “PermissionDenied” exception with the text “You do not have permission to set this status for this user history.”, although the PUT request passes and works fine.
I checked the project settings and verified that my user has permissions to change the user history. I take it this is a bug? Or am I overlooking something? Thanks

Hi @galstyan.vova

can you paste your request here? Nevertheless, changing a story from one project to another is not an easy task because the relationships that exist with other elements of a project (status, role points, assigned users, tags, attachments, tasks, comments,…) must also be updated to avoid inconsistencies with the data.

I decided to get into the source code of the Taiga backend and saw that there is no implementation of the partial_update method there, so I decided to write it myself. Thank you for responding!

Ok, you are welcome. I hope you can do what you propose without problems, but if any arise, do not hesitate to contact us again.

Best regards