Cannot view, edit or delete kanban cards: 400 Bad Request


I am trying to use Taiga Selfhosted (CE) Kanban feature.
I get errors when I try to view, edit or delete cards in custom columns/tasks.

The issue I get is the following:

GET https://me.tld/api/v1/userstories/by_ref?project=1&status__is_archived=false
400 Bad Request

ref param is needed

I also get a second error:

GET https://me.tld/api/v1/userstories/by_ref?project=1&ref=2&status__is_archived=false
400 Internal Redirect

I suspect it might be related to a dual proxy situation (since I’m running Taiga with its default gateway behind nginx proxy).

Thank you for any explaination :slight_smile:

Edit: running on taigaio/any:latest with default configuration apart from secrets and stuff.

Hi @Daerendor

I’m not sure what it happening in your environment:

  • the first request is made using directly the API? or you have a way to reproduce the error using the UI?
  • the second error, is made using the API? or you did change something to make the request have the ref param?
  • do you have some docker logs that may help to understand the error?

The dual proxy situation is expected; it’s not the only way to serve Taiga and you may want your own configurations, but you should know about nginx, exposing ports in docker, etc.