Discord Integration?


Are there any plans to bring Discord integration to Taiga, similar to Slack?

While discord is great to communicate, it’s not open source and it’s used by China to do mass surveillance. It has security flaws that can be exploited.
I’m not from Taiga team, but just wanted to make sure people are aware about this.

I’m gonna need a source on your information. I am from a region directly affected and I haven’t heard of such a thing.

Here is one piece of information, but if you search you will find many other evidence of the poor privacy from discord app.
I hope you don’t use WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, google meet, Skype, Teams, etc. Because all of them are proprietary apps and each information goes through their centralized servers on which they can do mass surveillance. Have you heard Edward Snowden revealing everything NSA was doing in 2013? Now 10 years later, you think it has stopped? No, it’s worse.

I would recommend you to use an chat app that enables end-to-end encryption by default.
For example Element.io uses the Matrix protocol. It’s free and open source application using federation across server.

By the way, even with end-to-end encryption, NSA is doing metadata analysis across the globe.

This post is not meant to scare, but to inform you to act wisely and consciously.
Best regards.

Hi @tyteen4a03,

It would be interesting to integrate Discord with Taiga, but it is not on our roadmap or in our future plans. However, It shouldn’t be hard to build a plugin with this kind of integration, like Slack.

Thanks for your suggestions! And thanks @jinformatique for the info!

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Hi @natacha,
So I guess it would be the same for an integration with the Element chat?
It should be similar as Slack integration using a webhook url.

That’s right, @jinformatique, it should be relatively easy to integrate this kind of chat services changing a few parameters.