Due date do not have time support (hour)

Hi there,

I’m currently hosting a taiga docker instance for a charitable organization. Previously, they were on Trello’s free tier. They don’t do software development but use a kanban board to do their daily tracking. They have found the due date contains only a date and not a time (hour). They need this feature. Is it supported? Is it planned to be supported. In the worst case, I could contribute to taiga and try to add this feature myself on my spare time (I’m a software developer)

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Currently, the feature to include a time with the due date is not supported, nor do we have plans to introduce it. However, if you’re interested in contributing this feature, that would be incredible!

You can start by looking into the backend repository here: GitHub - kaleidos-ventures/taiga-back. You’ll likely need to modify the field type from date to datetime and then create a database migration for it.

For the frontend part, the lightbox where users select the due date is located here: taiga-front/app/partials/common/lightbox/lightbox-due-date.jade at 1f5f524e273edef2d205d5f15b2bd5f6041906b9 · kaleidos-ventures/taiga-front · GitHub.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Hi Juanfran,

Sound good, I’ll start this weekend on looking at the code. It could take some time before I will be ready to do a Pull Request. I have a full time job and I’m doing this part time on the weekend.


Maybe, if adding hour to due-date is not planed, can you add “Date/time” type to custom fields? Actually, only date is supported.

Hi Jahus,

I have look at the custom attribute and there is only a date format not a date-time. Or you suggesting I put the due date in a text field?

I was suggesting the devs add Date/Time type as an option to custom fields. Sorry for the confusion.

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