Email Configuration Issue

I have installed taiga server from the source code 6 month ago, now the email service stopped when i invite, it loads for some.seconds then stop with this error log on the server

Hi there!

It seems you are using STARTTLS in your config and your SMTP server does not support it.

Also, please check and let us know what SMTP port are you using. For TLS it should be 587, for SSL it should be 465, and for plain SMTP it should be 25.

I would recommend you make sure to enable STARTTLS in your SMTP server, since it is way more secure than SSL or plain SMTP.

In any case, if you do not want to do so, you can change the following variables in your .env file:

EMAIL_USE_TLS=True # Change this to False
EMAIL_USE_SSL=False # Change this to True if your SMTP server supports SSL and use port 465, or to False as well if your server only supports plain, unencrypted email through port 25.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply charlie

My email server use only TLS AND 587 , IS THERE any other way

SMTP not supported error at api/v1/memberships/bulk_create

Hi there,

According to the logs you sent, your SMTP server does not support STARTTLS.

Also, did you check you only have one of those variables to True ( EMAIL_USE_SSL or EMAIL_USE_TLS?

As mentioned in the env file, they are mutually exclusive.

Best regards!