Error After Taiga Installation

After installing Taiga using these instructions: we get the following message when trying to browse to the application URL:

Something happened and the Taiga has captured the error to be able to work on it.

Any idea(s) on what could be causing this? We’re running Ubuntu 23.0.4.

Hi @adriansobers

We’ll need a bit more information to help you.

  • I assume you’re using docker, rigth? The ubuntu is just the host for the docker engine?
  • run taiga with docker compose up (without the -d option) and you can see the logs in the terminal, could you share those logs?
  • open your url and check the dev tools (F12) and look for the “network” tab. Is there any error there? (requests that return 500 for instance)


Hi @yami,

Yes Ubuntu is the host for the docker engine.

Running docker compose up gives:

The URL isn’t loading now so I can’t provide the last bit of information you requested.


Hi @adriansobers thanks for the logs, maybe we can try different things.

First of all, the “orphan containers” message leads me to think that you could clean the environment:

  • ensure you don’t have any taiga container running: docker ps -a | grep taiga → stop and remove these containers
  • docker image ls | grep taiga and delete these images
  • I assume you don’t have data to save as you couldn’t make it work yet, so delete the volumes as well docker volume ls | grep taiga

Then, the message about the bind mount in taiga-gateway. Are you using a custom config? Are you using the latest version of taiga-docker?

Finally, if you could share which steps did you follow, we could also guess what’s going on.


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Hi @yami,

We’ve made the decision to re-start this installation. We’re using this guide, Taiga 30min Setup - Taiga basics / Tutorials and Guides - Taiga Community.

We cloned the git repository in the first step which points to this URL, GitHub - kaleidos-ventures/taiga-docker

I’ll update this post when we get back to the previous point.


Hi @yami,

We were able to successfully complete the installation. We started from scratch and reinstalled Ubuntu Server.

We will work on the configuration this week. Thanks for replying.

Cool @adriansobers !!

Good luck! :slight_smile: