Error Creating Local User(s)

We are getting an error when trying to add local users to a Taiga project. We’re not sure if it’s the SMTP configuration or something else in the Taiga setup.

Here is the error from the developer tools view in the browser (the blocked out bit is url:9000)


Hi @adriansobers

The problem you are showing in your screenshot does not affect user creation. This error occurs when the browser cannot connect to the event system (taiga-events). It is probably due to a bad configuration of the urls during the setup of the platform. This error only affects the real-time functionality in the kanban or taskboard: if you are viewing that screen and another user modifies or moves a task or story, the change will not be instantly reflected in your browser until you manually refresh the page.

I would need to know the configuration (your .env file) to try to see where the error is.

On the other hand, to see where is the error during user creation, you can see the server logs.

docker compose logs taiga-back

docker compose logs taiga-async 

I hope this can help

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Hi @david.barragan,

See the output below from the taiga-back logs command.

This is the error we’re getting on Taiga:


This is the SMTP section from the .env file:

EMAIL_BACKEND=smtp # use an SMTP server or display the emails in the console (either “smtp” or “console”) # SMTP server address
EMAIL_PORT=587 # default SMTP port # user to connect the SMTP server
EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD=password # SMTP user’s password # default email address for the automated emails

EMAIL_USE_TLS=True # use TLS (secure) connection with the SMTP server
EMAIL_USE_SSL=False # use implicit TLS (secure) connection with the SMTP server

When you press the submit registration or invitation sending button and you have an error sending the email, the logs with the error should be similar to these:

But the browser should display the form without any issue.

I’m confused, are you able to access the registration form or does the error message always appear when you access taiga and can’t navigate the app? The error may not be related to the creation of users, but rather to the configuration of the urls.

Hi @david.barragan
When you say “The error may not be related to the creation of users, but rather to the configuration of the urls.”… do you have a specific Url in mind?

How do we verify that the Urls are working as expected?


Can you see the sign-in page?

Can you see the sign-up page?

Hi @david.barragan, yes we can see the sign-in page and login in as administrator.

@Roland_Yarde , @adriansobers

Well, in that case there must be traces of logs after registering the new user.

We can try to follow these steps, to see if we can catch the error.

  1. Run the server
  2. Access to the sign up form
  3. Show logs of taiga-back:
    docker compose logs -f taiga-back
  4. Show logs of taiga-async:
    docker compose logs -f taiga-async 
  5. Complete the form and submit it to register the new user.
    >> The error should appear in this step. <<
  6. Check the terminals/consoles for the logs and paste here the error message.


Output from logs for taiga-back after accessing signup form/page:

Output from logs for taiga-sync after accessing signup form/page:

I get the screen below in the browser after attempting to add/invite new (local) user, but there aren’t any errors in the console:


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the same issue, but I use wsl2 ubuntu 20.04

what is the problem? why the taiga-back do not show the detail process log,Can you help analyze it, thank you! @david.barragan

“500” errors should be leaving log traces.

When an error occurs you should see something like this

You can try to enable DUBUG mode in the backend. Mapping a file, following the steps described in the advanced configuration section, and change DEBUG=False to DEBUG=TRue. Then, even in the dev tools of the browser, you will be able to see the traces.