How to get authentication token?

I have created account on taiga. To getting authentication token do i need to install on Ubuntu ?? or i can get that with cloud one also??..I wanted to integrate Taiga with my application.

Hi there,

You can do that with cloud also. Please take a look at the Auth section in the API documentation.

Take into account that if you are using the SaaS ( you need to substitute localhost with our endpoint as detailed in the General Notes section here.

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Hello @Charlie ,

I have received auth token. Next i went for step below.

I didnt get that 5c8515c2-4fc4-11e5-11e5…what it is and how to get it?

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You do not need to use Application Tokens in our cloud instance. You can just use the Auth Token going forward, meaning once you know how to get an Auth Token and have one you can already explore other endpoints like projects, etc.

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@Charlie what is validity for that auth token once it genarated?..

@PMDev The auth token should be valid for around 24 hours, and the refresh token for 8 days.

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Ok thank you so much @Charlie