LDAP Authentication on Taiga Development Configuration


I am new to Taiga. So for learning I started by configuring Taiga development setup from this link,


I configured it now I want to configure it from LDAP for other user authentication.

After researching i just found some posts but that does not seem like for development environment.


Hopes to get reply soon to learn about Taiga fast and sooner configure its production set.


Hi @mohsin

You can follow this documentation to setup the ldap plugin GitHub - Monogramm/taiga-contrib-ldap-auth-ext: 🐍 Extended Taiga plugin for LDAP authentication , section Installation without docker.

The plugin is supported by the community, so you can share your errors here and maybe someone can help with your concrete scenario.

The development environment is useful if you want to improve the code of taiga with new functionalities but not for a real use (in a production environment).

Best regards


ازيك يامحسن
عامل ايه

I am trying to check Taiga Project management product. But before going to the Production setup I started with Development configuration as productions is little complex.

After configuring taiga development configuration I am trying to add in LDAP support let see I just resume it