Mattermost webhook integration

Is it possible for the system to send a webhook request to Mattermost (an alternative to Slack)?

This is the body:

POST /hooks/xxx-generatedkey-xxx HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 63

    "text": "Hello, this is some text\nThis is more text. 🎉"

More details:


Hi @wajdyessam

mattermost has an api similar to Slack. Last time I tested it, the Taiga integration with Slack on Mattermost was working perfectly. You can use it.

Best regards

Good news, I will try it

I create local admin during the setup, and then after team onboraded, I removed this local admin from the project and change onwership to another OpenId user.

Now when trying to login into the /admin page, its give me an error:

Please enter the correct username and password for a staff account. Note that both fields may be case-sensitive.

The current project admin is OpenID user, is the system required the local admin to be in the project to be able to access the admin page?