Member Added when Project Created

How can I configure the Taiga Agile PM tool to automatically add specific members to a project when it is created?

Hi @William_Mitiku;

The easiest approach is to use the “duplicate project” feature. You could first create a project with your team members added to it as a “base” project. Then, you can duplicate this project whenever needed. When you duplicate a project, all settings, including team members, are transferred over.

If you don’t want to set up a “base” or dummy project, you can duplicate your current project with the desired members. Only the settings of the project will be copied over, not the epics, stories, issues, etc.

During the duplication process, you can choose which project you’d like to duplicate:

Then you will see the list of members that are going to be added:

If there’s a member you don’t want to invite, simply click on their avatar; it will then appear disabled, indicating they won’t be added to the new project.

I hope this help!

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