Need help to get Taiga docker to run under subpath


I have been trying to get Taiga docker to run under a subpath by following the instructions here:

I set the “SUBPATH” variable in the .env file to “/taiga” but all I’m getting in the browser is a page that looks like the attached screenshot.

I launched Taiga by running “docker-compose up” from the taiga-docker directory.

The container logs doesn’t seem to suggest there has been any errors. It looks like the containers are running.

Am I missing something? Please advise. Thanks!

Taiga version: 6.6.0
Docker version: 20.10.22
docker-compose version: v2.16.0
OS version: RHEL 7.9


hi @simon-cdf

the subpath option is only available behind a proxy in your host. You can configure the proxy following these instructions: Taiga 30min Setup.

In the .env file, you have to edit:

    (for production, you need to configure the SCHEME as well using https)

I hope this helps. Cheers!