Subdomain problem settings

Hello everybody!

I installed taiga via docker in cloud ubuntu server, taiga works fine when I defined ip address of server. But when I change it to subdomain docker-compose.yml it does not work. I tried different setups, but none of worked for me. Can you please help me?

What can be the problem in this case?

In addition the server goes under ubuntu 22.04 and uses apache as a web server.

And for working example in the web socket I forgot to type “ws://”

hi @john17

First of all we need to know where is the problem, and we can look for it in different places:

  1. is the domain name resolving properly the IP?
  2. does the apache server have a virtualhost for the domain name? what’s the response?
  3. is this virtualhost proxying to port 9000?
  4. do docker logs give some information about the error?

A quick test, just in case: have you tried these urls without the last dot?
instead of: (in all places where possible)