[SOLVED] Burn-down Chart with Negative Points?

Our burn-down chart shows a negative section that I can’t seem to figure out. I must have done something wrong, but I can’t figure out what would cause this. Anyone have any ideas?

Hi @setech-nat

Firstly, we have to talk about the estimations. For the story estimation, there are two flags that you can check (in addition to selecting the history points):

  • Team requirements: A team requirement is a requirement that must exist in the project but should have no cost for the client. For example, a basic feature that must be implemented but that didn’t exist at the beginning of the project (probably because the team failed dividing the project in user stories). Team requirements mean “internal” requirements.
  • Client requirements: A client requirement is a new requirement that was not previously expected and is required to be part of the project. For example a new and amazing idea that is absolutely needed for the project but it didn’t exist in the beginning (“external” requirement).

The idea of having this two different flags is that if the project grows, you can easily distinguish what’s the reason.


And now we can talk about the Taiga’s Enhanced Burndown Chart. The chart represents this things.

Some articles in which this chart is discussed

I hope that my explanation will make it clearer for you.

So, you see the red area because someone has checked the “Team requirement” flag in one or more User Stories.

Awesome! Great explanation - thanks! We had used those flags in the beginning when we were just getting started because we thought we had to have a reason for every user story.

Yep, It’s something that we must improve for the future TaigaNext. The concepts are very powerful to control and measure the progress of the project but they are not clear at the beginning.