[SOLVED] Login error 400, taiga/admin doesnt have load files

i have issues with the taiga login (i use my admin account).
I have ldap plugin installed (Pull requests · Monogramm/taiga-contrib-ldap-auth-ext · GitHub) and i get same errors login in with an user from the domain.

I get following error message:

Including this: {“_error_message”: “Method ‘GET’ not allowed.”, “_error_type”: “taiga.base.exceptions.MethodNotAllowed”}

Also the admin page doesnt load some resources:
“Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)”

Nginx error log:
1006#1006: *8 open() “/home/taiga/taiga-back/static/admin/css/responsive.css” failed (2: No such file or directory), client:, server: taiga.bl.ch, request: “GET /static/admin/css/responsive.css HTTP/1.1”, host: “taiga.bl.ch”, referrer: “https://taiga.bl.ch/admin/

I reinstalled taiga-back, then added the previous config. Problem still here.

Ill be happy for some help.

Many thanks,
Pavel Fankhauser

Hello again,

I solved the missing files error, the admin page works again.

I still have the 400 error on login. Ldap user and normal.

I changed my config a couple of times.
Some configurations allowed me to log in with my admin account but not with any other. Not sure which config it is tho…

If anyone know what it could be ill be happy for some help.

Many thanks,
Pavel Fankhauser

I tested it again.

I found that i can log in using my created users via the admin console.

The registration works suddently for some reason… 5 min ago it didnt work.

Ldap doesnt work.
I get error 500: POST https://taiga.bl.ch/api/v1/auth 500 (Internal Server Error)


Hello again.

I fixed it.

I had to uncomment this one:

To enable the function above, uncomment the line below to store the function in the variable

LDAP_MAP_USERNAME_TO_UID = _ldap_slugify <—

Didnt read the whole config.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards,
Pavel Fankhauser

Hi, @Pavel_Fankhauser

I’m glad you were finally able to get it working. I don’t know the ldap plugin so I can’t help much there. I have two comments about how to debug errors.

  • If the error is in back, ia in some API call (an HTTP 500), you will not see any trace in the browser. It’s better to review the taiga-back logs. You can also enable debug mode by adding DEBUG = True in the settings (local.py).
  • Although I don’t know how the ldap plugin works exactly. I know that the Api and Django Admin Panel authentication system are not the same. It is likely that the plugin only modifies the API and to access to the admin panel, you can only use a Taiga user with her credentials (created with createsuperuser).

Best regards