Something happened and the Taiga has captured the error to be able to work on it

Hitting the above error after following the instructions on the repo.


Hi @manoj_m

Could you give me more details please?


I used the instructions from: GitHub - kaleidos-ventures/taiga-docker

all containers are running, any specific docker logs you want to look at?

I received the same error when I stood up an nginx proxy in front of the docker pieces. Everything worked fine when I was using ssh to tunnel into port 9000. Hope there is an easy solution.

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can you list the steps?

following works when run from my laptop: ssh -NL 9000:localhost:9000 remote-host

It’d be good if some can provide a reason why this is the case.

Hi @manoj_m and @greybear

In order to help you, we need:

  • check the logs docker logs -f to see if there is more information.
  • your docker-compose.yml (redacted without sensitive data)
  • your nginx settings (if you use it)
  • the result of docker-compose ps
  • before launching Taiga , check that you don’t have anything on port 9000.