Taiga Diaries 2023-06-21 - Remove members and starting with comments

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First round with Docker

We’ve developed the first iteration of Dockerfiles and docker-compose.yml. It’s not production ready so you shouldn’t use it for production as you could still expect compatibility breaks.

Remove member

Now, a project admin can remove a member from the settings page. We put a lot of detail into the consecuences of removing a member for different scenarios permissions related.
For instance, if the user is a workspace member, she still will be allowed to access the project. Otherwise, she will be taken to her home with a notification.


Default avatar

This story helps to have default avatars that are useful in the context of a project, when the user didn’t upload a custom avatar. Taiga will use the initials of the full name to create this default avatar. In this story we took care of different cases:

  • having a one-word name
  • using emojis in the name
  • using non-english alphabet

Workspace disambiguation

This is kind of an internal story where we finally cleaned up some ambiguities related to workspace memberships and permissions.

Show and sort comments

We have started developing the comments functionalities with a story to see and sort (by date) the comments of a story.



Where can I find the Docker files? I couldn’t spot any code releases to GitHub. Would love to test it out and do some beta testing ahead of release.

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On github: GitHub - taigaio/taiga: Taiga is a free and open-source project management for cross-functional agile teams.


Thanks! Didn’t know that Taiga is using the taigaio organisation on GitHub again.