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Does Taiga has extensions like Trello powerup? if it doesn’t can anyone suggest me how to add customized fields in user story page?

Hi @shakhawat1355

You can add custom fields to user stories in Project Settings > Attributes > Custom Fields section

You have to define the name, a short description and select the field type and the new field appears in the user story detail page.

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Thanks. But I have some confusion. can you help me clearing this?
there are two repositories for frontend in taiga.
repository 1: GitHub - taigaio/taiga-front
this repo is formed with jade and coffeescripts but no typescript.
repository 2: GitHub - kaleidos-ventures/taiga: Taiga is a free and open-source project management for cross-functional agile teams.
this repository is formed by typescripts.
while deploying in the server I have used repository 1 as it was mentioned in the production deployment documentation. Now while customizing the user story UI I have found these two separate repository. Now I am confused. can you give me small brief on how which repository is used for what? and also how can I customize user story UI more easily? thank you very much for your response.

The second repository (kaleidos-ventures/taiga) is what we call Taiga Next. It is in alpha and does not have anywhere near the same functionalities as the stable version of taiga. You can ignore that repository.

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Thanks for clearing this. is there guide on how can I change the front end UI ? or can u suggests me some tips?

There is no guide, sorry. There is a manual to install taiga in a development environment. The frontend is a standard application made with AngularJS. Depending on what you want to do, the changes can be more or less complex.

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