Unable to login taiga


We just run apt update and upgrade, we are unable to login with taiga now. Browser showsusername and password are incorrect.

journalctl -u taiga

don’t have relevant error logs. When we load taiga login page only these logs generate:

Oct 2 20:06:17 taigaserver npm[18364]: {“message”:“auth: {"cmd":"auth","data":{"token":null,"sessionId":"856ec5fc2726b5cb9e7d89c8ac9c9fd87e9e772b"}}”,“level”:“info”,“service”:“taiga-events”,“timestamp”:“2022-10-02 20:06:17”}
Oct 2 20:06:17 taigaserver npm[18364]: {“message”:“subscribe: {"cmd":"subscribe","routing_key":"notifications"}”,“level”:“info”,“service”:“taiga-events”,“timestamp”:“2022-10-02 20:06:17”}

But when hit login, nothing generates in logs

Inspected browser logs while login

https://mydomain.com/api/v1/auth 400 (Bad Request)

Please advice

When you say the browser logged a request to https://mydomain.com/api/v1/auth, is mydomain.com a placeholder for your actual domain, or did the browser logs literally say https://mydomain.com/api/v1/auth?

If the logs literally said mydomain.com

In the latter case, this would mean the browser actually contacted https://mydomain.com/api/v1/auth (which is an existing website, selling domains) and (of course) failed.

To fix this, you might need to change some configuration of taiga-front: I’d suppose there is a config file that still contains mydomain.com instead of your actual domain.


If mydomain.com is only a placeholder in your post, and the real browser logs mentioned your actual domain, it is a bit strange that absolutely no server logs are generated when logging in – at least the request should be logged, I believe.

In this case I’d probably do a more extensive search for logs (journalctl should spit out any logs your entire system generates, maybe you can find some Taiga logs there under a different name) and see if there isn’t something you’ve missed.

If not, I am sadly out of ideas for now.



@TuringTux Thank you for your reply. This issue resolved. Actually there is a proxy server in our network. It was doing problem with particular our domain. mydomain.com is an example. Chrome reflects correct domain, i just replaced it for privacy.

Thanks a lot for your help. This community forum is really helpful

Thank :slight_smile:


Hi all
I am facing the same problem above, pls tell me solution
Timed out.

A time out usually happens in one of those cases:

The Circus daemon could not be reached.
The Circus daemon took too long to perform the operation

For make sure you are hitting the right place by checking your endpoint option.

If you are not expecting a result to come back, increase your timeout option value