Ways to contribute to Taiga’s platform


There are many different ways to contribute to Taiga’s platform, from patches, to documentation and of course, developing new tools Taiga related, just find the one that best fits your skills. Check out our detailed contribution guide.

These are the contributions community developed that boost your Taiga’s environment with features, authentication or automation.

Ansible for Taiga

Ansible for Taiga

Ansible Role for Taiga

Ansible Role for Taiga

Docker image for Taiga

This Docker repository provides custom taiga-front and taiga-back docker images with additional plugins and a production ready docker-compose.


A Python module for communicating with the Taiga API

Taiga containers with optional LDAP

This container runs Taiga from Github release tags on Fedora 31. The container contains the OpenID plugin out of the box, but it’s only enabled if an OpenID configuration exists in the environment. There’s also an LDAP synchronization that can be ran in a separate container. This is also an optional feature. The container is used in production by Prehensile Tales running in Podman.

Taiga contrib Active Directory auth

Taiga plugin for Active Directory authentication

Taiga contrib kerberos auth

The Taiga plugin for kerberos authentication

Taiga contrib ldap auth

Extended Taiga.io plugin for LDAP authentication

Taiga contrib OpenID auth

An OpenID / Keycloak Authentication Plugin. Heavily based off of taiga-contrib-github-auth

Taiga contrib SAML auth

The Taiga plugin for SAML authentication

Taiga deployer

A deployer tool for Taiga.io project

Taiga contrib FAS OpenID auth

The Taiga plugin for FAS (Fedora Account System) authentication.


TaigaPHP is a PHP wrapper used to handle the Taiga.io API easily


On Taiga PM you can read about some of the features of Taiga 5

  • Author: Taiga.pm
  • License: Doesn’t have
  • URL: https://taiga.pm
  • Last updated at: 2018-12-01
  • Compatible with: taiga5
  • Tags: tutorial


Taigo is a Go wrapper used to handle the Taiga.io API easily