What technologies are being used in Taiga?

For example: Taiga Client Side, Server Side, Stability, Messenger Application or email, Database Implementation, Main Application

Hi @Uber_IA ,

I think you can get this information directly from the installation guide, in its source code version for the production environment.

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Thank you very much, one more question, what is the taiga architecture?

I left you an extract of the Introduction of the developer setup guide, with some aditional notes:

The Taiga platform consists of three main components:

  • taiga-back (backend/api): To serve the REST API endpoints. Built over Django and PostgreSQL.
  • taiga-front (frontend): The website which consumes the API and is directly accesed by users.
  • taiga-events (websockets gateway) (optional): The websocket server which allows taiga-front to show realtime changes (in the backlog, taskboard, kanban and issues listing). It requires RabbitMQ as the message broker.

Aditionally, you also have two other optional modules:

  • taiga-async (optional): To change how taiga-back execute the most (potentially) time-consuming tasks (emails, webhooks or import/export tasks), from synchronous (by default), to asyncronous. Built over RabbitMQ and Celery (distributed task queue system).
  • taiga-protected (optional): to protect the attachments from external downloads.

For more information please refer to the documentation. There’s a lot of information there.