Adding items to tg-project-menu main-menu with a plugin

I am trying to add menu items to the tg-project-menu main-menu, but I got confused by element.js.
How does this menu gets generated? where does element.js came from?
I tried using a directive in a plugin to add items to the menu but I know very little about angularjs and was unable to figure out which object(s) I need to access to do it or how the menu gets generated in the first place.
My intention is to add a plugin that adds a link to the project menu that routes to a section to display the project metrics, like wip aging througput, etc.


The navigation component can be found at taiga-front-next/src/app/commons/project-navigation at main · kaleidos-ventures/taiga-front-next · GitHub. Please note that it is an Angular component, not an AngularJS component. To make changes to the navigation bar, clone the repository, make the desired changes, and then run the following commands in the taiga-font-next repo: npm run build:elements and npm run pack:elements. Finally, copy the dist/elements/elements.js file into the taiga-front repository.

Tank you very much for your answer.
Currently I am using taiga-front 6.5.2 this one seems to use angular 1.5.10.

Yes, but the menu is a library and is located in a separate repository that utilizes a different technology (Angular 10). In order to make changes to the menu, you will need to modify the code in the Angular 10 repository at taiga-front-next/src/app/commons/project-navigation at main · kaleidos-ventures/taiga-front-next · GitHub. Once the changes have been made, you will need to follow the instructions provided in my previous message to generate the ‘elements.js’ file and incorporate it into the ‘taiga-front’ repository.

Following your instructions I can generate a a new ‘elements.js’ that works with taiga-front 6.5.2.
Thank you very much