'/api/v1/importers/trello/auth_url' returns 500

I am running self-hosted taiga from source on Ubuntu ARM64 and when I try to import from Trello, the /api/v1/importers/trello/auth_url endpoint returns an error 500 and the response is ‘Internal Server Error.’ My credentials are set correctly in config.py and I enabled the Trello importer on the front-end. I am not sure where the error log for django and gunicorn is located, if any. Is there a way I can troubleshoot this?

Hi @kbeheshti,

If you’ve deployed taiga with docker, use docker compose logs:

docker compose logs -f taiga-back taiga-async

if you deployed from source code, you can use journalctl.

journalctl -u taiga.service -b
journalctl -u taiga-async.service -b

Best regards