Bug/Issue: No WYSIWYG input field when When you use a language other than English in setups under subpath

It seems like the comment function does only work if you use a certain language. When I choose English as language in my account settings, I can add comments to user stories but as soon as I change my language to German, I can no longer see the input field. There seem to be more languages affected by this issue, since I have tried to reproduce the issue with Spanish and there is no comment field as well.

Hi @mbr_cefak

I have tried it with different languages and for me is working properly, both in the SaaS version (tree.taiga.io) and in the on-premise version I have set up in my pc.

Are you using taiga SaaS or en-premise? What Taiga version are you using? With what browser? If you use an on-premise instance, have you installed it from source code or using the docker images?

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Have you tried accessing the platform using different web browsers or devices to see if the issue persists regardless of the language settings?

Sorry for the really late reply.
@david.barragan I am using taiga on-premise and did install it with docker.
@RoseAnjelia I have tried firefox and edge as browsers, but none of them shows me the comment field when using german language.
My taiga version is 6.7.1 if that helps.

I have try with the version 6.7.1 and is working for my, can you send us a screenshot?

Here a screenshot of my taiga with english language and one with german language. As you can see, the “Type a new comment here” section is missing for me when using german language.



I am so sorry but I have no idea what could be wrong with your taiga instance. I force my docker compose to use the 6.7.1 version and I can see the input

Try to update to the latest version (6.7.7) to see if the error persists.

Even in Spanish I can see the input.

I have found an error that might be related to the issue.

When I open the browser console, I receive this error:
Loading failed for the < script > with source “http://myIp/v-1695217671916/ckeditor-translations/de.js”.
The reason it fails to load the resource, is that taiga runs under “http://myIp/taiga” instead of just “http://myIp/”. When I add the ‘/taiga’, I can access the resource.
But how can i configure taiga, so that it uses the correct path?

Well, this is a bug. We will try to resolve it and include it in a future version.

Thanks for your report.