Can I duplicate or copy/paste a kanban card?

Can I duplicate or copy/paste a kanban card?

I have repeating tasks and items that are similar so I’m looking at a way to copy and paste a card or copy and edit it w/o having to recreate it from scratch or in bulk add.


Hi @Joelocal;
Unfortunately, there is currently no built-in way to duplicate or copy/paste a kanban card in Taiga. This means that if you have repeating tasks or items that are similar, you would need to recreate each card from scratch or use the bulk add feature as you said.

However, we appreciate your feedback, and we will take it into account for the next version of Taiga.


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Came to ask the same thing. I want to import a card from another project.

Yes! We NEED the ability to duplicate stories and tasks and it would save us so. much. time. Curious if it’s in the backlog and if we can help make it happen soooooner!

Thank you!

I also landed on this thread to assess Taiga as a minimalist alternative to ClickUp. I think that setting up an n8n automation to automate periodic duplication or webhook-based duplication should be simple to implement. Feel free to mail me, and I’ll share a solution if I get around to experimenting.

Duplication would be super helpful, especially if a story has tasks in it.

Moreover, it would be useful to have a “template” story.