How can i connect two or more kanban cards when Self hosting with docker?

Hi there! Is it possible to connect two or more kanban cards in a projects, it would be very useful for me. If not, how should I be able to implement this change?

Hi @Nahuel2002

What does it mean to connect 2 kanban cards? One card can have tasks or you can enable the Epics module to work with the epic concept in your project and create one Epic that contains two o more kanban cards.

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For example, imagine that US4 and US1 are two cards that are related, but can not be on the same card. And when i move one card to ‘Done’ i need to check that the related cards are all at least in the section ‘In Progress’. Is there some way to connect both cards?

In trello, for example, you can ‘attach’ a card to another and connect them. I am looking for something like that.

I’m afraid there’s nothing similar in Taiga, you can’t create rules or control the relations with different cards.

The epics module could be used to control the completeness of a work made up of different cards. Maybe this can help.

Other option could be use taiga webhooks to control this kind of restrictions developing an external service who contains the rules.

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