Moving tasks between user stories and maybe even projects

Dear Community,

Let me start with praise: I love the format of your guides, the videos etc. And [humour]* (added to my personal “to be watched” task list :wink: )
For social and procedural experiment’s sake, I have invited members of a non-IT NGO project (and thus I had also read this useful guide for “us”) to use Taiga.
Now, having also read this RTFM about the Taiga tasks themselves or [this one]* before asking this here, I am not sure how to move tasks between the user story cards or projects, and not only reordering them within their card.
The only unwieldy solution I have come up is to export the lot to e.g. CSV, tinkers with them outside Taiga, and then import the lot back.
→ Is there a simpler way in the Taiga’s UI itself?

PS. “Sorry new users can put only two links in a post”, alas, so e.g. the one to Princess Bride has to go.

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Hi there, Manamana (do do do do do, assuming it’s a Muppets reference)!

As far as I know, it is not possible to move tasks between projects. But moving them to another User Story is trivial using the Scrum module!

First, you need to create a sprint and move your User Stories there. Then open the sprint Taskboard, and it shows a Kanban-like interface where you can freely drag around tasks from one User Story to another and change their state.

If you need further help, I could attach some pictures.

Hope this helps!


@Charlie -san,

Oh, I do do do do do, and indeed, it is the Muppets reference, see also my avatar. (Sometimes I play the Statler and Waldorf’s roles in other non-Taiga projects, but not here ;).

Now, I/we use Kanban (we had tried the Scrum version, but it was too involved for our needs) - I could send you the link via DM only, but don’t know how to yet either (I have tried the obvious solutions by visiting your profile).
Even when I click the Expanded board view and see the tasks within the User Stories, I can’t move the Tasks only. Also there is no pop-up menu next to individual tasks in a User Story view - you can only move them up and down.
I sanity checked the archived Scrum one, and can’t either, see here, trying to move #4 Task A to #6 Target User Story:

Am I missing the obvious?

@Manamama You can still use Kanban and have Scrum only to move tasks between User Stories! (a little overkill maybe, but it works)

First, we create US 1 and US 2 and add three tasks to US 1 on Kanban:

We then create a placeholder sprint to put the User Stories there, like so:

And then we can go to the sprint taskboard and move tasks around:

Back to Kanban, the tasks have moved between stories!

Hope this helps better!


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After adding this step to your helpful tutorial (the screenshots helped a lot):

Go to the [backlog] and drag user stories to this sprint; split the stories into tasks to track them separately.

from Taiga online help itself (also clever and useful, ta), I am getting now what I wanted, without e.g. a pesky export out and in:

→ If this helpful trick is not in anywhere in Help already let us add it.
(It is especially useful for non Scrum enabled kanbans, created after following the kanban Wizard.)
Or it may be too obvious for IT folks who may come here from JIRAs etc.

Now, I gather you are a dev or a power user (aka Elder) here, correct?


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What we need is to link or move US / Tasks to other projects. Hot feature in my list :slight_smile:
Also, to clarify, a task of a US in a scrum Project might as wenn be a US in an other kanban board.
(actually thinking about it it is mostly (scrum, task) → (kanban, US) not the other way around.

Moving alone is useful in like 20% of the cases; what we in the other 80% is linking things.
So we want to push a US / task to another project and still have to have a reference in the
original project / US. Probably with a measure of progress.

Best regards,


Hey George,

Yeah, we’ve got that need to move tasks/stories between projects and keep them linked on our radar. What I’m not quite sure about is the measure of progress you mentioned. Let’s say you have a user story in Project A, and you duplicate it to Project B while maintaining the link. In this scenario, you’d end up with two stories. Are you looking to have the information synced between both stories (like description, tasks, task statuses…)?

Let me know if I understood correctly or if there’s anything else you’d like to clarify!


Dear Esther

the underlying assumption is that any US/Task is worked upon by only one project (a word elastic like a bungee rope). What would happen though is that project A delegates work items (US/Tasks) to other projects (B,C,D).

In this case it would be very handy if project A still sees these US/tasks in its board, with some funtionality limitation. For a US that would mean that control over the tasks and their status, comments etc. resides with project B,C,D . Project A can see the progress but cannot change something in the US.
What project A should be able to do is move the linked project to another bin, or move it to a another sprint within project A or close it. Projects B,C,D have all rights.

Reading what I have written I wonder if it would make sense to have a matrix of allowable actions
(close, promote task to US, allow creation of tasks, so the project responsibles can choose who will be able to do what. This may be overkill effort-wise though.