Guide a beginner PM to use taiga


Please guide me to achieve the following:

  1. I want to view my whole team’s tasks in a single view(even if they have tasks accross multiple projects)?
  2. How can I transfer ownership of an account to another email id?
  3. Can I define member roles for the whole account instead of doing it for every project?

If you have the answers to these questions, your response will be super-helpful.
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Hi! Let’s see :slight_smile: First of all, welcome to our community!!

  1. There is no way to see the tasks assigned to a group of people in the same view. There is also no possibility of seeing the user stories and who has been assigned to more than one project at the time. If you’re using Scrum, you can see the tasks on the taskboard for each sprint, but it’s a single-project view.

  2. You can change an account’s email by going to Edit Profile > User Settings

  3. Roles are used for two things: estimating stories and setting permissions on a project. This is why they are not as related to the account as they are to each project. However, you can create a template project and use it as a source each time you create a new one.

I hope that helped! :wave:

Hi Miryam,

I returned from my sabbatical yesterday. Your answer is undoubtedly helpful for me to navigate through Taiga with ease. I started a Sprint for the first time in Taiga and noticed that I cannot move/drag user stories on the sprint board.

Can you help me with that as well?


I’m glad I helped. You can reorder the stories from the backlog.

A view of the backlog page and how to reorder stories using drag and drop


Okay great.

Does Taiga allow users to copy or move user stories from one project to another? If not please share an alternate method for it.

I’ve to move a whole project and its user stories and doing it manually is mundane :‘( :’(

Hope you could help me.

I’m eager to streamline our workflow by having a comprehensive view of all team tasks, even those spread across multiple projects. Is there a feature in Taiga that facilitates creating a consolidated view for all tasks assigned to my team? I’m in a situation where I need to transfer ownership of an account to another email ID. Could someone please provide instructions or guidance on how to execute this process within Taiga? Your insights on this matter would be invaluable.