Follow multiple projects at once (main dashboard)

I am a teacher in a Vocational Training Center in Barcelona, our students study for two years to learn how to develop Web Applications.
Our students develop some projects during the course, and the last years we have been using jira, but we had a lot of problems with granularity between tasks/issues and user story (maybe we didn’t know how to use jira correctly…).
We have found that taiga completely fits our way of thinking (swinlanes for user stories are great) and students find it very easy to use.

So, the request :-D, is…
Is there any general dashboard to see at a glance all the projects our students do? Something like all the burndow chart, or sprints summary bar with main task numbers, points…).

Thanks for the project!

Hi @ermengolbota !

We’re glad to hear you like the Taiga’s way of thinking!

Presently the team is focused in developing TaigaNext that it would handle your requirements perfectly, as it’s as its core multi-project oriented.

But nevertheless, in the current Taiga, you can try two approaches that it may handle your requirements:

Epic stories: As you will probably know, there’s another type of story above the classic user stories called epic stories. It can group many traditional user stories, that it can be placed in different swinlanes (kanban) or sprints (scrum), that can also contain many tasks itselves.

You can try to use this three-level approach to emulate each of your student’s projects with an epic story, and each of your students’s stories with a traditional user story from that epic. Your students could also create tasks in order to solve user stories in the classic way.

This way you can benefit from quickly identifying the project a user story belongs to (as every epic’s user story has the common colored tag of its parent epic), and from the side “Epic menu” to read the detail of your epics, list their user stories, and check it overall (epic) progress bar (that can also be uncollapsed to check the individual progress bars of its user stories).

Reports: Another option you can try is to export the data from each of your projects from the settings menu (Settings >> Project >> Reports).
Later, you can combine thit data using a Spreadsheet of parsing the data in any other way (they are a plain .csv text file). Either Open Office or LibreOffice will serve your purposes.

You can also review this links for further info:
Making CSV reports
Taiga reporting capabilities for managing teams projects

We hope it serves!