Can I enjoy partial sprint progress even if user stories are not closed but some tasks are?

Scrum agile technique states that if an estimated user story is not finished, it can’t be counted towards a sprint’s user story points completion.

The rationale is simple, Scrum sprints care about finished work that can de properly validated during the Sprint’s Demo. Partial or unfinished work, while perfectly acknowledgeable, is not meant to change the progress metrics that are geared towards delivered value, not time spent.

This very binary approach frustrates some agile teams that prefer progress charts to represent any partial progress.

Some Taiga users have asked to be able to assign points to user stories tasks and keep track of them towards progress. This way, as an example, a user story could be 10 points split up in 2 tasks 5 points each. They would argue that a finished 5-point task could make the user story 50% finished towards sprint and burndown metrics even if the user story is not finished.

Product-wise, we continue to evaluate the risks of allowing partial or continuous progress metrics. For the moment, we strongly suggest you read Agile Antipattern: “All for sprint’s speed” in our blog. There are ways to address the underlying problem (and need) without the partial-progress approach.

Should I clone the task and move just the cloned one to next sprint keeping the original inside the closed sprint?

Is there another way I can easily see the work done by sprint? Because even not finished the task I need to know all job done inside the sprint.

We have the “carry over” feature present on the Sprint Taskboard section but it will allow you to move entire NOT CLOSED user stories/tasks/issues to any other open sprint, not leaving partial user stories behind.
I think everyone agrees that moving open issues or story-less tasks to a different sprint is fine. It’s the “partial user story” thing that makes things complicated.


If you expand the chart to see the Sprint burndown, you can see progress beyond the simple stats on the top bar.

A non-Scrum/Agile way to leave “partial user story/tasks behind” would be to create a new user story within the current sprint, move unfinished tasks from the original user story to that one (to their related states) and then use the “carry over feature”. The original user story would be considered as CLOSED and therefore not eligible to move to another sprint using that shortcut.

Please, consider instead breaking up user stories in smaller chunks likely to be finished within a sprint, have less uncertainty around the READY status for any upcoming user story and, finally, considering that it’s OK to move the entirety of the user story to the next sprint; After all, the work is going to show up.

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