Creating a user from command line


Just installed an instance of taiga on my server, and was wondering if it was possible to create a new user (not super user) from the command line ?

I found that i can do it from de /admin interface, but i “need” to do it from the command line, as i want to add it to a script which create a user on every application i have installed on my server in one go.
I don’t think can create a user other than a super one, right ?
Also can’t find a way to do it via the api.

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi @Illisen welcome to our community.

Using the commandline is not possible, as you saw.

However, using the API should be easy if you register the user using the endpoint documented in the “public registry” section: Taiga REST API
This will send an email to the new users to confirm their account. As an admin, you will have to work on how to distribute the password securely to the users.


my guess is you could enter the Django shell and create a user from there. but using API would still be better.