I don't even see the admin page, I don't know how to create an account, please save me

I set it all up after looking at docker 30 mins setup and if I type IP:9000 times in URL, the taiga page will pop up normally, but if I do it with admin page /admin, nothing will come up and I don’t know how to create a user account…

And I looked at the manual to link ldap, but I don’t understand it. Is there any other manual?

docker ps

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Hi @mingbong welcome to our community.

In order to create an admin user, you may:

$ ./taiga-manage.sh createsuperuser

You can find the information in the official documentation.


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Hello, thank you for your reply. I have an administrator account and can also access it here: I want to create a regular user account at I access it here. When I do this, no page opens.

it’s a configuration per project; you have to go to project > admin > members and configure there the “admin” role. Cheers!

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Oh, I guess I misunderstood the instructions… Thank you so much.

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Just a related note, since search led me here, and the answer is a little confusing - there is no “admin” role, though you can mark non-owner users as additional project admins (though that had nothing to do with this question, so I’m not sure why it was mentioned.)

As far as I know, the per-project admin page has nothing to do with actual superuser/admin, and can’t create accounts etc. They can invite users.

There is indeed a /admin/ “hidden” site for your superuser(s). At least in dev deployments, it randomly fails to load sometimes. Waiting a while and refreshing a few times seems to be the only way to make it show up (it’s not a startup timing issue, it will do that even 30 minutes after the containers are running.)

This is actually the only way I know to add users locally without relying on email invites or something like LDAP. Unfortunately the UI is broken a bit, so you can’t add users to projects this way (though you can edit and remove memberships.)

So you’re still stuck with the rather unfriendly taiga UI for adding by email, but it won’t try to email if the user exists (it just won’t give you any indication if they do…).