How to create another Django Administrator


I have an admin account in taiga who can also login with Django Administration panel.

I have two questions.

How to create antoher Django Admin user who can manage accounts? I tried a user to provide him super user status but that user not able to login djangodomain/admin/

Another issue is Current and only Django Admin cannot delete existing user, it gives following error

Please advice

One can use following commands to add additional Django Administrator for taiga

su taiga
cd /home/taiga/taiga-back
source .venv/bin/activate
CELERY_ENABLED=False DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=settings.config python createsuperuser

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i managed to create additional super-user ( admin ) … but still super-admin cannot delete existing users.

i get same outstanding token error mentioned in screenshot.

any solution regarding it.

Hi @raffye.memon @Zohaib09

Thanks for your contributions! We already have this issue on our radar.
While you can deactivate the user and they will no longer be able to access.


If you want to remove a user’s access to a project, other solution is delete member from settings interface in Taiga.


thank you … i will look forward to the fix !