Forget username and password of Django Administration

I forget my username and password of Django administration, How can i make a new to access the django or update the existing user to be able to access the Django Administration

Note But I have pgadmin Access

Hi @William_Mitiku

There is a command to change the password of an existent user. You only need to know the username.

If you setup taiga using docker:

./ changepassword <username>

If you setup Taiga from source code

python changepassword  <username> 

If you can remember the username of your user, you can create a new one with the command createsuperuser.

I hope this can help.

Best regards

Thanks actually I have solved the issue using pgadmin4 by updating isStaff field, thank You

You are welcome.

Yes, this is another option, set admin role to an existent user.