How to rename Username


Is there option to rename username in taiga without loosing anything ?

Background is, We are migrating to LDAP as a SSO, we have multiple platform on which we will use ldap user to login with SSO. We need to migrate all users of all platorms (taiga, gitlab, nextcloud etc) to LDAP authentication. Demonstration has been made on backup environment.

Only users of Taiga have different username comparative to other platform, for example a user “A test” having username atest in all platforms but in taiga he has username testa. Now we need to rename testa to atest. Is it possible? or any workaround?

Please advice.

I think there are two ways to change the username of a user:

  1. Ask the user to do it themselves: They can go to their profile (/user-settings/user-profile), enter a new username there and press Save.
  2. Use the (Django) admin interface: Go to /admin/users/user/ and sign in using a superuser (= staff) account (probably the one you created during setup of the instance). You can then select the user you want to change the username of, change it, and press Save.
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I used second option. Can we create another Django superuser. I tried to make an existing user as a super user, but he was not able to login to Django admin interface.


Above option did not work for existing user.

It should work. You should be able to login to the django admin with the username and password of the users who have those two checkboxes active.

You can use the command createsuperuser too, but it shouldn’t be necessary.

I also have a question regarding the username renaming functionality in Taiga. Our organization is in the process of migrating to LDAP as a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution, and we plan to use LDAP authentication across multiple platforms including Taiga, GitLab, and Nextcloud. In a demonstration conducted on a backup environment, we successfully migrated all users to LDAP authentication.

However, we encountered an issue specific to Taiga. The usernames in Taiga are different from the usernames used in other platforms. For instance, a user named “John Smith” has the username “jsmith” in GitLab and Nextcloud, but in Taiga, their username is “smithj”. Now, we need to align the Taiga username with the usernames used in other platforms, such as renaming “smithj” to “jsmith” in Taiga. Is there a possibility to achieve this without losing any data or encountering complications? If not, could you suggest any workarounds to address this situation? Regards

Every user can change their username in their user profile panel. You can use the admin panel, as superadmin, to change all of them, too.

its helps me thanks.

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Hey, We’ve encountered a unique challenge specific to Taiga. Our users’ usernames in Taiga are distinct from their usernames on other platforms. For example, user “A test” uses the username “atest” everywhere except in Taiga where it’s “testa.” As we unify usernames through LDAP, we need to rename “testa” to “atest” in Taiga without losing any data. Is this feasible within Taiga or are there any workarounds that the community has successfully employed for similar situations?

@Walkerthan, any user can change their data (username, full name, email, password…) from their user profile.