[critical] worker timeout

I’m trying to import Asana Projects in my self-hosted server using docker Taiga 30min Setup. I followed the steps from this post Is the Asana importer available in self-hosted instances? and it does show me the authorization page but after the authorization it doesn’t show my Asana Projects. It says no project even though I have projects in my asana account.

Upon checking the logs and I found this error in taiga-back. I monitored the logs and as soon the message “No Project Found” appear, the error also appear in the logs.

taiga-back-1  | /opt/venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages/asana/client.py:152: UserWarning: This request is affected by the "new_goal_memberships" deprecation. Please visit this url for more info: https://forum.asana.com/t/launched-team-sharing-for-goals/378601
taiga-back-1  | Adding "new_goal_memberships" to your "Asana-Enable" or "Asana-Disable" header will opt in/out to this deprecation and suppress this warning.
taiga-back-1  |   warnings.warn(message)
taiga-back-1  | [2024-04-02 02:26:48 +0000] [1] [CRITICAL] WORKER TIMEOUT (pid:61)
taiga-back-1  | [2024-04-02 02:26:48 +0000] [319] [INFO] Booting worker with pid: 319

It seems that the gunicorn worker stops due to timeout.

I also check via HTOP the gunicorn timeout, it is set to 60.

Is there a way that I can increase the timeout number in Docker?

Hi @wela-elman

You just have to modify you docker-compose file and use the command attribute to pass options to gunicorn, for example I’ve used --timeout 123 so

  # (...)
    image: taigaio/taiga-back:latest
    command: --timeout 123
    # (...)

Save and restart the service et voilà!

The entrypoint script for taiga-back is defined at taiga-back/docker/entrypoint.sh at main · taigaio/taiga-back · GitHub

I hope this can help

Best regards

Hi @david.barragan ,

Thank you so much for the help, that did it. The error was gone. Although, I’m still not getting my Project List from Aasana, but the worker timeout was resolved. I’ll just make a different post about the project listing from Asana. Once again, thank you.


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You are welcome, @wela-elman