Enabling gitlab auth AND disabling public registration?

I saw in the official doc of Taiga that “Taiga (in its default configuration) disables both Gitlab or Github oauth buttons whenever the public registration option hasn’t been activated”. How to change the config of taiga to enable Gitlab oauth button even if the public registration hasn’t been activated ? I need for my project to enable this button but keep the public registration disabled.
Thanks in advance for your respons !

Hi @Dirky,

First of all, thank you for joining us, and welcome to Taiga community!

And regarding to your requirements, I’m afraid the documentation is right. You won’t be able to enable a social login without also enabling the public registration.

But… I’ve found a quick solution to it by simply recompiling the front-end image! Let’s go with the steps.

  1. Remove taiga-front image from the current installation:
taiga-docker [stable] $ docker rmi -f  taigaio/taiga-front
  1. Clone taiga-front repository in any other directory outside from taiga-docker:
git clone git@github.com:kaleidos-ventures/taiga-front.git
  1. Edit taiga-front/docker/config_env_subst.sh file to unlink the social login variables from the PUBLIC_REGISTER_ENABLED value. Identify and change that piece of code:


  1. Recompile the image with this change:
taiga-front [stable] $ docker build --no-cache -f docker/Dockerfile -t taigaio/taiga-front:latest .

NOTE: Please, mind the last dot!

  1. Change to taiga-docker’s directory and edit the docker-compose.yml file, addding the following variables (to taiga-back and taiga-front):
  # These environment variables will be used by taiga-back and taiga-async.
  # ...your customizations go here
  # Github
  GITHUB_API_CLIENT_ID: "aexxxad3"
  GITHUB_API_CLIENT_SECRET: "6937xxxxxx3e3"

    image: taigaio/taiga-front:latest

      # ...your customizations go here
      # Github
      ENABLE_GITHUB_AUTH: "true"
      GITHUB_CLIENT_ID: "ae2e2d43efef8568fad3"
  1. Then, simply start again (using the new image)
taiga-docker [stable] $ docker compose up

If everything goes well, you should be able to log in just by Github or Gitlab (the one you have configured), without the possibility to register.


We hope it serves you. Please, let us know if the solution works.

Thank you!