Error migrating a taiga instance, from docker to baremetal setup: backup and restore

i have migrated taiga-docker to source code taiga from one instance to 2nd instance

i take pg_dump from taiga-docker and restored on source code taiga.

all projects & users are showing on source code taiga but when any snap is not opening in source code taiga

Hi @manvir

I assume that by snap you mean snapshots, all the attached files that you can associate to a story, task, issue…

There are two things to move when migrating data from one Taiga instance to another: the database (with pg_dump) and the attachments stored in the media/ directory (copying the directory from one instance to the other).

Here you can find the information to make backups and restore docker instances.

You just have to look at the last section to know how to create a media backup and then restore it manually in your new instance.

I hope this will help you.

Best regards.

thanks for reply

i have migrated from 1 instance (taiga docker) to another instance (taiga source code)

i talking about above setup. what i have to do.

and also unable to attachment ne file in any section and also unable to invite other member in project.

It is very difficult for me to diagnose what could be your problem without more information.

  • I would need to see the system logs, especially from the backend,
  • And check if the frontend throws any errors in the console of the development tools.
  • Have you done the restore of the attached files (media directory) from the docker instance to the new instance?