Need help exporting Taiga site

I was asked to help someone export their Taiga site as they are changing hosting providers. I’m totally new to Taiga (WordPress is my realm) so fumbling around a bit. I managed to get command line access to their server (Digital Ocean) and downloaded the /home/ directory but am struggling to get the database (I wasn’t given a db name, user, or password). I’m able to log into the Taiga admin. but don’t see a backup or export function there (I see export available only for individual projects).

Can someone please guide me in what must be a pretty simple procedure? I tried following the official Taiga procedure at Backup and restore Taiga but it says “the program docker is currently not installed.”

Thank you.

Hi @Megunticook welcome to our community.

If you want to move all services from one cloud to another (or kind of), you may create a dump (pg_dump should help) and restore it in the destination. For this action, you need access to the database (same as you would do with wordpress). Same would happen with the media data that the user uploads (images and attachments).

Docker would be needed if the installation was made with docker, but if it’s not installed, I’m assuming you are dealing with a baremetal installation, aren’t you?


Thank you. I tried the dump but I don’t have the database credentials. Is there a workaround to that?

It doesn’t look like docker is set up on the server. But I was able to download the /home/ directory so as far as I know I have all the files and assets.

hi @Megunticook,

if you have access to the server (as you had the /home/ directory), you can check the credentials (could be in the / or as environment variables, depending on the installation).

From the server, you can also use the db-shell command and work from there.

Those are not strictly Taiga related issues, but infra and database issues, so there is no a specific solution inside Taiga.


Looked through all files I could find by either of those names and not seeing any db credentials.

Tried running db-shell and got this: command not found

about dbshell: django-admin and | Django documentation | Django

but you need to use the django environment. This is not a Taiga issue, and there are different ways of installing this, so you need to figure out how did someone installed this.

about environment variables: inside the code, close to file, you should find something like this. And you s hould find the DATABASES definition, something like:

    "default": {
        "ENGINE": "django.db.backends.postgresql",
        "NAME": "taiga",
        "USER": "taiga",
        "PASSWORD": "taiga",
        "HOST": ""

You can also try to find “DATABASES” in the backend directory and try in the (hopefully) few results.

Thanks, not finding that information anywhere, think I’m going to have to throw in the towel on this for now. Appreciate the help though.