Error when trying to upload a file larger than 1 megabyte to the story

I installed taiga via docker, and when I try to upload a file larger than 1 megabyte I get an error 413 Request Entity Too Large from the /api/v1/userstories/attachments endpoint.
Tell me how to increase the size of the uploaded file?

Hi @gvzlom

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Regarding your error, it doesn’t seem to be a problem in Taiga, but a typical message previous to Taiga.

For example if you have set an Nginx proxypassing the connections I’d look in its settings: Error: 413 “Request Entity Too Large” in Nginx with “client_max_body_size” / Changes in Nginx config file. | by Shubham Verma | Medium


I installed only through the original docker-compose from you and there really is a container with nginx, I added what is written in the article above, but alas it did not help =( maybe there is nginx somewhere in other containers ?

What is the size of the file you’re trying to upload? I’ve installed Taiga from scratch and I’ve been able to upload a 1,9mb file.

As it really takes very little time, I recommend you to repeat a clean installation, verifying you can upload a similar sized file, and then start to change it according to your custom requirements.

Hi, I checked the server again and nginx was actually installed. Thanks for the help colleagues, I fixed everything!

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