Getting "Fixture not found" error when trying to restore a backup

Before setting up the new version of taiga, I made a backup using the dumpdata command. Now I have file called taiga_backup_7.json. But when I run loaddata taiga_backup_7.json, I get CommandError: No fixture named 'taiga_backup_7' found.

Additional info:

  • The json file is in the same folder as
  • I’m running the command as root and the json file has 0755 permissions
  • It doesn’t matter if I use the .json or .json.gz file I have
  • Using the full path /root/taiga/taiga_backup_7.json does not help either

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @viamonster

I’m trying to reproduce the scenario. Somethings I’d need to know:

  • are you using the docker or baremetal installation?
  • which version of taiga and postgres did you have when doing de dumpdata?
  • which version of taiga and postgres did you have when doing the loaddata?


  • We are using the docker version
  • dumpdata was done with Taiga 6.0 - at least, I think that was it. The one before the current one. We installed that version in january. Not sure which Postgres version was included there, sorry.
  • I tried the loaddata with the current taiga-docker version. So, Taiga 6.6.0 and Postgres 12

Thank you for looking into it!

Not sure if it helps, but for the dumpdata I wrote a little shellscript that was called daily by a cronjob. For the sake of completeness, I’ll post it here, so you can see exactly how the json was created:

set -e

# Set the directories

# Get the current date and time
DAY=$(date +%u)

# Run the dumpdata command and save the output to a file in the backup directory (redirect docker start message to nirwana!)
$TAIGA_DIR/ dumpdata > $BACKUP_DIR/taiga_backup_$DAY.json 2>/dev/null

# Compress the backup file using gzip
gzip -f $BACKUP_DIR/taiga_backup_$DAY.json

# Copy the attachments directory to a subfolder within the backup directory
test -d $MEDIA_DIR || mkdir -p $BACKUP_DIR/attachments
rsync -av $MEDIA_DIR $BACKUP_DIR/attachments/

hi @viamonster

Couple of things after taking a detailed look:

  • you cannot use “loaddata” from your host with a file in your host and load in a container. You should copy the file inside the container and execute the command, which is not a recommended way of managing containers, as you may know

  • loaddata and dumpdata are not recommended for backups, as they are meant for initial data and testing according to the official documentation:

Fixtures can be used to pre-populate database with data for tests or to provide some initial data.

Hope this helps, cheers!

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