High cpu load, and database not found

My selfhosted taiga was doing fine, but now it doesn’t work anymore.

When it starts there is this process /opt/venv/bin/python /opt/venv/bin/celery -A taiga.celery worker -B --concurrency 4 -l INFO saturating my CPU, and the taiga-db-1 container shows a FATAL: database "Cube9896" does not exist".

Where did my database go?

Hi @eleloi,

celery (the taiga-async service) is responsible for executing asynchronous tasks (some updates, sending emails…) and, in addition to the rabbitmq that it uses internally for task management, it uses the taiga database (the taiga service -db) in almost the tasks. You can check the taiga-async logs to get more information about what may be happening

The error FATAL: database "Cube9896" does not exist" may be because you deleted the database volume or because you made configuration changes after launching the service. The database was created with the old configuration and now it cannot find the new one.

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