How to Create Custom Features in Taiga when Self hosting with docker

It’s possible, there would be two steps:

  1. make the modifications in the taiga code
  2. Rebuild the docker images affected by the changes.

The first step would require making modifications to the Taiga backend and frontend. Either directly cloning the repositories and making the modifications in them or creating plugins with your modifications. The first option is probably easier for you purpose and offers you more possibilities for customization.

Then you only have to recompile the docker images.

For the backend

cd taiga-back/
docker build --no-cache -f docker/Dockerfile -t taigaio/taiga-back:latest .

And for the frontend

cd taiga-front/
docker build --no-cache -f docker/Dockerfile -t taigaio/taiga-front:latest .

And that would be all. Starting docker on the machine with the new images would apply your changes.

You can avoid building the docker images by installing directly from the source code repositories. And here is another installation guide designed to make the development process easier.

I hope this information will be useful.