How can I edit the frontend and backend of taiga-docker?

I did these steps to recompile the images, but when I changed the logo or some style, the change was not displayed.
Then you just have to recompile the docker images.

For the backend

cd taiga-back/
docker build --no-cache -f docker/Dockerfile -t taigaio/taiga-back:latest .

And for the interface

cd taiga-front/
docker build --no-cache -f docker/Dockerfile -t taigaio/taiga-front:latest .


I supposed to change the logos and login colors of discover, but I can’t see them, how can I do it from docker?

Hi @Uber_IA !

In order to change the taiga-back image, what you’re doing should work, and I guess it’s working.

In order to change the taiga-front image, you need to do more steps. If you check the Dockerfile for the front image, you see this line:

wget -O; \

Currently, we’re generating a .zip with the compiled sources and download during the build stage. So, you should change the Dockerfile to make your new code get there. There are different ways:

  • multistage dockerfile. First step compiles your code and second step uses it instead of using the official
  • compile your modified code locally and copy it to the Dockefile.

In both cases you should remove the wget command as it downloads a version that you don’t want.

Hope this helps, cheers!